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TWS PCB is the next growth point of PCB industry.

TWS PCB is the next growth point of PCB industry.

TWS is the abbreviation of true wireless stereo, which means real wireless stereo. TWS technology is also based on the development of Bluetooth chip technology.
According to its working principle, it means that the mobile phone connects the main headset, and then the main headset quickly connects the secondary headset through wireless way, so as to realize the real Bluetooth wireless separation of left and right channels. When the slave speaker is not connected, the main speaker returns to mono quality.
TWS technology is applied to the field of Bluetooth headset, so it also gives birth to a new product – TWS Bluetooth headset.

As we all know, the audio transmitted by classic Bluetooth is classic audio before, and Bluetooth Le audio, as the name implies, is low-power Bluetooth audio, which will not only support classic audio The development of audio’s same audio products and use cases also introduces exciting new features that are expected to improve its performance and create new products and use cases.
Bluetooth Le audio fully supports Bluetooth 5.1 standard and the next generation of Bluetooth Le’s ISOC (isochronous) architecture, bringing innovative solutions to the TWS headset market and accelerating the explosion of TWS headset market.At present, it has become a general trend that TWS earphones replace the traditional middle and low-end wired headphones. Especially with the push of upstream chip manufacturers and numerous downstream mobile phone manufacturers, the experience of TWS headphones has been rapidly improved, and the cost is also accelerating the decline.

TWS earphone will be used rigid pcb and flexible PCB. We are a professional PCB manufacturer and can provide you with PCB products you need.

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