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Hybrid PCBs

In order to make electronic communication technology have a higher speed development. High-quality high-speed transmission, many of today’s communication equipment have begun to use high-frequency multi-layer PCB. The material of multi-layer high-frequency Hybrid PCBs has excellent electrical functions and good chemical stability.

hybrid pcbs

Four Major Points of FR4+High Frequency Hybrid PCBs:

1. It has the characteristics of small signal transmission loss, short transmission delay time and small signal transmission distortion.
2. Has excellent dielectric properties (mainly: low relative dielectric constant Dk, low dielectric loss factor Df). Moreover, the dielectric characteristics (Dk, Df) of the multilayer circuit board can maintain its stability under the environmental changes of frequency, humidity and temperature.
3. High precision control with characteristic impedance (Zo).
4. Excellent heat resistance (Tg), processability and adaptability.

Rogers Hybrid PCBs Stackup

Based on the above characteristics, high frequency pcbs are widely used in wireless antennas, base station receiving antennas, power amplifiers, components (shunts, combiners, filters), radar systems, navigation systems and other communication equipment.
Multi-layer high-frequency circuit board design, based on cost savings, improved bending strength, electromagnetic interference control and other factors, high-frequency mixed-voltage circuit boards often appear in the form of mixed-pressure boards, called high-frequency mixed-pressure boards. The design of high-frequency mixed-pressure materials and the combination of stacked combinations are numerous and numerous. Through the research and development, Mingyi Electronics has produced a multi-layer high-frequency circuit board, which uses a combination of high-frequency materials RO4350B/RO4450B and FR4 materials mixed dielectric laminate pcb.

The trial production results show that the multi-layer high-frequency mixed-voltage circuit board stack design, based on one or more factors in cost saving, bending strength and electromagnetic interference control, must use high frequency of resin flow in the process of pressing. The prepreg and the FR-4 substrate with a smooth surface on the medium have a great risk in controlling the adhesion of the product during the pressing process.

Experiments show that by selecting the FR-4 A material, the edge-side spherical flow block design, the use of Shenzhen multi-layer circuit board press-pressing materials, and the control of the pressing parameters, the mixed materials are realized. The adhesion is good, and the reliability of the test board is not abnormal. The material of high-frequency circuit boards for electronic communication products is indeed a good choice.

High-quality high-frequency materials resources, let your products win at all

1.Rogers, taconic, Arlon, Nelco, Isola’s long-term strategic partner of the world’s high-quality materials supplier
2.Provide high-quality materials and related resources for communication industry customers, fundamentally control product quality

Exquisite craftsmanship to meet the needs of printed circuit boards for communication

1. Mature mixing technology: FR4+PTFE, FR4+408HR, FR4+ROGERS, ceramic+FR4
2. 3mil/3mil line width line spacing, impedance tolerance can be controlled at ±8%

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