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Concerned About PCB Layout, SMD Factory, and Component Procurement?

Concerned About PCB Layout, SMD Factory, and Component Procurement?

As a hardware engineer, project director and small boss, are you still worried about PCB layout? PCB layout is difficult to say, easy to say, and not easy to say. In addition to the EE engineer’s schematic diagram, layout is also very important for product quality. Wiring rationality, impedance matching, machinability, EMI, EMC considerations, test point layout Which one doesn’t require years of project expertise?
But PCB layout is not only a mental work, but also a physical work, especially eye work We need to be patient, careful, think more and sum up experience. How many projects in a company need PCB layout every year? The workload of PCB project is just like EEG……

When the project is urgent, we have to work overtime and wish to draw PCB board for 72 hours; when the project is finished, we have entered the stage of small batch and mass production, but we have become idle people Not only can’t practice martial arts, often seen by the boss doing nothing, but also get such a high salary, it’s just a mess.
For EE engineers, what’s your mind when your boss asks you to draw schematic diagrams and do PCB layout? After talking about many EE engineers, we found it difficult to do both at the same time. The brain circuits required by the two are different. What’s more, it’s also very harmful to the eyes.What does PCB layout include?

01 PCB Design
02 SI simulation
03 E CAD Library
PCB Layout
PCBSKY has a professional team and outsourcing team to provide PCB layout services to the original semiconductor factory. The design company should provide PCB layout services in the form of Outsite as far as possible, and in site should be negotiated according to the territory and situation; from cadence, Allegro, OrCAD, pads, Altium. The price is favorable. Layout engineers have more than 10 years of experience.Not only the layout service, but also the follow-up PCB prototype trial production also provides very intimate and professional services.

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