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Affordable Prototype PCB Fabrication Experts

Affordable Prototype PCB Fabrication Experts

Finding affordable prototype PCB fabrication experts is essential for individuals and companies looking to develop and test electronic prototypes without breaking the bank. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, several PCB fabrication services were known for providing cost-effective and high-quality prototype PCBs. However, prices and quality may have evolved, so it’s essential to do your research and request quotes from various providers to determine the best fit for your specific project. Here are some PCB fabrication services that were known for their affordability:

  1. JLCPCB: JLCPCB is a popular Chinese PCB manufacturer known for its low-cost prototype PCB services. They offer a range of options for different PCB types, including single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer boards.

  2. PCBWay: PCBWay is another Chinese PCB manufacturer with competitive pricing and a strong focus on prototype PCB fabrication. They offer a variety of board types and customization options.

  3. Seeed Studio: Seeed Studio provides prototype PCB fabrication services with a focus on cost-effectiveness. They also offer assembly services, making it convenient for those looking for turnkey solutions.

  4. AP Circuits: AP Circuits is a North American company known for quick turnarounds and cost-effective prototype PCBs. They offer a free online quotation tool to estimate costs.

  5. OSH Park: OSH Park specializes in providing high-quality prototype PCBs at competitive prices. They are based in the United States and offer a user-friendly ordering process.

  6. Elecrow: Elecrow is a Chinese PCB manufacturer that offers affordable prototype PCB fabrication services. They provide a variety of customization options and quick turnarounds.

  7. Ragworm: Ragworm is a UK-based PCB fabrication service known for its affordable pricing, especially for prototype boards.

  8. PCBSky: PCBSky is a Chinese PCB manufacturer offering both standard and advanced PCB services at competitive prices, suitable for prototypes and low-volume production.

  9. DirtyPCBs (Now Part of Aisler): DirtyPCBs used to be a popular choice for affordable PCB prototyping. However, they have since merged with Aisler, which provides a wide range of PCB services.

  10. Eurocircuits: Eurocircuits is a European-based PCB manufacturer that offers prototype PCB services with a focus on cost-effectiveness and quick turnaround.

When choosing a prototype PCB fabrication service, it’s essential to consider factors beyond just cost, such as quality, lead times, and customer support. Additionally, always check for the latest reviews and testimonials to ensure that the service provider is still maintaining quality standards. Prices can vary depending on factors like board complexity, quantity, materials, and customization options, so be sure to request a quote specific to your project’s needs.

Reliable PCB prototyping services with the highest quality.

For PCB prototyping, we are able to manufacture low volume single and double-sided PCBs to complex multi-layer PCBs with blind and buried vias at affordable prices.
From an electronic hobbyists to an established fortune 500 company, we are able to handle all of your PCB prototyping requirements in-house. Unlike PCB brokers, we don’t outsource your work to other companies and you deal directly with us, the PCB manufacturer. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in China with over 20,000 square meter of fabrication machinery.

Low volume prototype PCB

We provide the most cost efficient solution for PCB prototyping to our customers. With low minimum lots, you will get more boards for the price compared to other PCB companies that charge per board. Also, Custom Circuit Boards doesn’t put any restrictions for prototype boards. For example, we don’t charge extra depending on the number of drill holes needed like other companies do. We are committed to straight forward pricing that you can rely on every time. We don’t nickel-and-dime our PCB customers with random service fees.Prototype printed circuit boards are made for a number of reasons; often it is important to manufacture these circuit boards to perform various tests before going through with a full PCB production run. When it comes to prototype PCB boards it’s important to get them made using high quality standards. Both our Standard and Custom Spec printed circuit boards are manufactured to IPC Class 2 specifications. IPC defines performance class 2 as “Dedicated Service Electronic Products” that include “communication equipment, business machines and other instruments that require high performance and extended life where un-interrupted service is desirable.”

Quick Turn Prototype & Production Capabilities

Custom PCB Manufacturing Standard Specifications
  • Order 2-layer designs as quick as SAME DAY – 3 Day Turn
  • Order 4 -10 layer designs as quick as ONE DAY – 5 Day Turn
Custom Specifications
  • Order 2-Layer designs as quick as SAME DAY – 4 Weeks
  • Order 4 -40 Layer designs as quick as ONE DAY – 4 Weeks

We will also work with you to schedule out larger orders for “just-in-time” smaller lot shipments.

PCB Board Thickness
0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm
Please contact us if your board exceeds these.

Min Track/Spacing
Min. Line Spacing & Min. Line Width: 4/4mil 5/5mil 6/6mil ↑
Min Hole Size
0.15,0.2mm 0.25mm 0.3mm ↑
White, Black, None
Finished Copper
Outer Layer Copper Thickness:1oz/2oz/3oz(35μm/70μm/105μm)
Inner Layer Copper Thickness:1oz/2oz/3oz(35μm/70μm/105um)

Surface Finishing
HASL with lead,HASL lead free,Immersion gold,Hard Gold ,OSP…
Quality control

As the circuit boards are manufactured, and also after they are complete, we subject them to strict tests and checks:
A.O.I. – Test (Automated Optical Inspection)
X-ray (check registration accuracy for multilayers)
CCD – Camera Controlled Drilling
Impedance control

We are not a broker

Main Equipments

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