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pcb fabrication
PCBSky is a professional PCB & Flex PCB manufacturer in China, providing full PCB fabrication and assembly services in certified quality standards. We specialize in quick turn PCB & prototypes.
Blind & Buried VIA PCB Layers: 4-32
Quantity: 1-1million pcs.
Quality: Standard IPC2
Build time: 5 days-5 weeks
Material: FR4
Blind & buried VIA PCB made of FR4 material, it can improve the reliability of multi-layer boards.
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Conventional PCB Layers: 1-32
Quantity: 1-1million pcs.
Quality: Standard IPC2
Build time: 2 days-5 weeks
Material: FR4
With 10+ years' experience in PCB fabrication, we have handled hundreds of thousands of PCB projects, and covered almost all kinds of substrate materials.
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Flexible PCB Layers: 1-8
Quantity: 1-1million pcs.
Quality: Standard IPC2
Build time: 2 days-5 weeks
Material: PI
Normal FPC such as Simple single-sided FPC, Simple double-sided FPC, Multi-layer FPC.
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Metal Core PCB Layers: 1-4
Quantity: 1-1million pcs.
Quality: Standard IPC2
Build time: 2 days-5 weeks
Material: Metal substrate
Metal core PCBs are all boards which use a base metal material as the heat spreader portion of the circuit board.
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RIGID FLEX PCB Layers: 1-10
Quantity: 1-1million pcs.
Quality: Standard IPC2
Build time: 7 days-5 weeks
Material: PI+FR4
Rigid flex printed circuit boards are PCBs using a combination of flexible and rigid pcb technologies.
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PCB Prototype Manufacturer

High mix, Low volume, Quick turn
  • PCBSky is an ISO 9001:2008, IATF 16949,ISO13485,UL and SGS certified, Shenzhen-based, high-technology custom Printed Circuit Boards and PCB assembly Manufacturing in China. We specialize in quick turn PCBs and mass production. We can help you from PCB design,component selection and procurement, PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly.
  • Unlike some printed circuit board companies that are simply brokers or middlemen, we are the actual design and manufacturer of our PCBs. By owning our designing and manufacturing facilities, we control every aspect of the production schedule and quality. And this is why we can provide our customers unprecedented quality, reliability and a single point of support.
  • Our products include designing Manufacturing and assembling 2-32 layers PCBs, HDI PCB, high TG,heavy copper circuit board, rigid flex PCB, flex PCB,high frequency Rogers PCBs, buried & blind via PCB, metal core PCB and halogen free PCB etc. PCB manufacturing capabilities to support advanced designs with demanding requirements including laser-drilled microvias, cavity boards, heavy copper up to 6 oz., via-in-pad, microwave & RF RO4350B PCBs, up to 32 layers and others.
  • We are proud to design and manufacture high-quality PCBs and provide the best PCB services for our customers. At the same time we provide a safe and prosperous environment for over 400 employees to work in. Why not contact us for a quote – you deserve the best!

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PCB Manufacturing Blog
  • Wie wählt man einen Leiterplatten-Prototypen Hersteller?
    Was ist ein Leiterplatten-Prototypen? Ein Leiterplatten-Prototyp, auch als PCB-Prototyp bezeichnet, ist eine Testversion oder ein Muster einer Leiterplatte, die in der Elektronikindustrie für die Entwicklung und Überprüfung von Schaltungen und...
  • Was ist eine Leiterplatte?
    Eine Leiterplatte, oft auch als PCB (Printed Circuit Board) abgekürzt, ist eine flache, isolierende Platte, die in der Elektronikindustrie verwendet wird, um elektronische Komponenten miteinander zu verbinden. Sie dient als...
  • How to choose a server PCB manufacturer?
    What is a Server PCB? A “Server PCB” typically refers to the Printed Circuit Board used in servers or server-related hardware. Servers are computers or devices designed to provide services,...
  • Was ist eine starre Leiterplatte, Vorteile und Materialien?
    Was ist eine starre Leiterplatte? Eine starre Leiterplatte (Printed Circuit Board) ist eine Art Leiterplatte, die aus starren Materialien hergestellt wird, die typischerweise aus Schichten aus glasfaserverstärktem Epoxidlaminat oder anderen...
  • We Are Not A Broker

    PCBSky.com is a China Shenzhen-based PCB designer and manufacturer. Shenzhen has been for decades the world’s center of electronics R&D and manufacturing. By skipping all the middle companies, we are successfully passing the savings and bringing a total satisfaction of PCB purchasing experience to our valued customers. That is why 100% of our old customers come to us for their future orders.

  • High Standards Of Quality

    We got UL and ISO9000, ISO14000, TS16949 certifications, to ensure high-quality printed circuit boards and meeting RoHS compliant, use the world-class testing equipment, comprehensive percent of pass>99%.

  • Variety of Products

    2-Hours Quick PCB Quote, 24-Hours Non-stop Tech Support and Production, The Quick Turn PCB Prototypes 100% on-time delivery, Customer satisfaction >95%, Complaint rate <1.0%.

  • Professional Capacity

    Our team has 10 Years PCB Design and Production Experience.Min trace width/space:3/3mil,Min hole size:0.15MM,Max copper thickness:6OZ

  • Enterprise Strength

    Our company covers 12,000 sq.m, Established in 2011,400+ employees, we Current output can reach more than 20,000 sq.m monthly, including more than 5000 types Quick Turn Prototype PCB.

PCBSky printed circuit board manufacturer - The sky's the limit

With the advent of microprocessor technology, the demand for circuit boards has drastically increased. Today, there is hardly a process in any industry that does not rely on it. But fabricating, assembling, and connecting layers requires sophisticated equipment and the know-how unavailable to most manufacturers. Moreover, a simple investment into automated PCB machines will only help if you have engineers to design, connect, and etch the necessary items. Fortunately, PCBSky has it all on board to be your full-service PCB supplier!

PCBSky can fulfill any order, from a small batch of conventional PCBs to hundreds of advanced rigid-flex units. We deliver a one-stop service, so you can spend more time getting the end product to the end user instead of layering, manufacturing, and assembling boards.

PCBSky is at your service with an incredibly efficient and fast approach to PCB manufacturing. We will send you a quote within 8 hours, even if your products are rare and your layering needs are specific to a particular project. We also provide a 100% guarantee that you will receive your prototypes on time. 

We can fabricate and assemble your PCBs in 12 hours for simple products and within a week for more complex boards, depending on the number of required layers. All PCBs are manufactured in compliance with IPC-6012 and IPC-A600F for the certified uses of our products in consumer electronics and other end items.

Circuit board manufacturing for flexible, rigid, and other products

Since we own manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, what we can do for you is only limited by product compatibility criteria. PCBSky is a PCB prototype manufacturer that can be entrusted with:

Whether you're developing an innovative hi-tech solution to reshape your industry or just another door controller, we've got you covered. We can also fabricate HDI PCB prototypes and put everything together as your partner for PCB assembly & manufacturer. We are always ready to discuss how many boards you need for the end products if you require non-standard quantities.

Cheap PCB manufacturing doesn't mean cheaply made boards

Mass manufacturing has numerous benefits, but the end product's price is probably the major one for you. If you need a PCB, a board manufacturer with an unlimited capacity can pass on enormous savings to your production without forcing the end user to put up with subpar boards, low signal transfer speed, and inefficient items.

To shed some light on how our mass manufacturing capacity can benefit your organization, our consultants will answer all your questions at the quote preparation stage. What's more, PCBSky delivers your PCBs without intermediates to cut the unit price per order.


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