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Industrial Control

Industrial control refers to industrial automation control, which is mainly realized by the combination of electrical and electronic, mechanical and software. It is industrial control or factory automation control. Mainly refers to the use of computer technology, microelectronics technology, electrical means to make the factory's production and manufacturing processes more automated, efficient, accurate, and has controllability and visibility.

Industrial Control PCB


Industrial Control PCB:

  1. Special or general-purpose circuit board for industrial control, the bottom circuit is completed, and IO is reserved. After buying the industrial control circuit board, the input and output ports reserved on the circuit board are connected to the user's own device, such as the motor, solenoid valves, sensors to complete the functions they want to complete.
  2. There are dedicated boards and general purpose boards. A dedicated circuit board is a board specially designed for a certain function, such as a temperature control circuit board. After buying it, the input port is connected to a thermocouple, and the output port is connected to a heating contactor or a solid state relay to control the heating device to complete temperature control, and flow. Control panel, motion control board, etc.
  3. The universal control board, most of which can be programmed, after the user's own secondary development, completes a specific function, and has a wide range of uses. For example, plc is a general industrial control board. After the user writes the program and compiles the input, various functions can be completed. Digital input, analog input port, high-speed counter port, digital output port, analog output port, and some also have communication function.

Industrial Control PCB Function:

The using environment of industrial equipment is complicated. PCB which is based on industrial automation control should work properly under such conditions as high temperature, high humidity and high corrosion. And there should be no fault for long term use. PAD manufacturers make unique technical process and testing methods according to the features of industrial control PCB, to make sure PCB conforms to the quality requirements of industrial equipment.

Industrial Control PCB  Applications:

The increase of human labor cost makes the applications of industrial automation devices more and more extensive. It is a tendency that industrial devices are more and more automated and intelligentized. Especially with the advancement of internet technology, smart networking equipment is more and more popular. Industrial control PCB’s sales share raises constantly in this industry.

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