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At PCBSKY, we take your PCB designs and have high-quality, China-assembled circuit boards back to you in a matter of days. Sometimes our customers need help with the design or layout of their circuits or even help with the entire product development process.
  • Experienced Crew – PCBSKY has industry veterans deeply versed in working with prototype and production projects. Our engineers have years of knowledge and experience in the assembly of circuit boards.
  • Professional Partners – We specialize in in full product design as well as PCB design. You can trust these partners to help you draft custom PCBs. If you need help with PCB design services, we will connect you with one of our highly-qualified board designers. This ensures both fast lead times and high-quality outputs. We also do this for our board fabrication service.
  • Fully-Equipped – Once your design is ready for prototyping, PCBSKY uses the latest and best equipment and software for PCB assembly. These resources allow us to create high-quality PCBs quickly.
  • Expert Testing – We also invest in quality control tools to ensure that the products we put out are assembled precisely to your requirements and industry standards before they reach you, and ultimately, your consumers. Here are some of our test offerings:
  • Continuity or Isolation Test – We use high-quality multimeters to ensure that the copper traces in the board are properly connected to each component.
  • In-Circuit Tests – In-circuit tests are essential in finding possible shorts, resistance issues, and capacitance problems in a board, especially in areas that are densely populated with components. We use the Agilent 3070 Series III ICT and Takaya APT-9411 E Flying Probe, two of the best in-circuit test equipment in the market.
  • Ionic Contamination Test – Ionic residue is conductive and may cause functionality and reliability issues in a PCB. We test our boards using the Trek ICOM 5000 identify and get rid of possible ionic contamination.
  • Complete Collaboration – Our team works closely with you throughout the process. It starts with the custom quote, where we review your BOM and CAD files to find any possible areas of concern for assembly and continues until we package each competed board for shipment to you. You can always contact us with any concerns or questions you may have about the PCB prototypes we make for you.
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    PCBSKY is a national enterprise focusing on PCB manufacturing and PCB Assembly  factory for 8 years.

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    PCBSky is a one-stop service provider integrating PCB layout design, manufacturing, PCB assembly and testing.

PCB Design and Assembly Capabilities
Our PCB design are ready to take on the challenges you may have in designing your PCB. Our company work with a wide variety of applications from consumer projects to RF to power applications and everything in between. They are capable of delivering the following services:
  • Product Envisioning – Have a great idea but no in-house team or a team already at full capacity. Product development companies will work with you to bring your concepts to reality. Our company have multi-disciplined engineering teams geared to take you through the entire product development cycle.
  • Mechanical Engineering – Many products need more than electronics. Companies can provide design services for the mechanical elements of projects supporting needs in everything from injection molding design to static and dynamic motion designs and thermal management.
  • Wide Variety of PCB Types and Materials – Our facility, together with our designers, have the equipment, expertise, and materials to design and manufacture different kinds of PCBs. Whether you need a simple two-layer board or a complex multi-layer or multiple flex-rigid ones, you can expect high-quality work from us.
  • Firmware Programming and Interpretation – Designers also build custom firmware for your PCB from scratch. Our programmers ensure that every line of code in the program is free from bugs before they implement it.
  • Re-Engineering – If you have an older or faulty PCB design or layout you’d like to improve, professional engineers can make a world of difference. Engineers will pinpoint components, traces, software and other areas that may need to be revised. They will provide you with many different suggestions before they implement them in your board’s design.
PCBSKY is your partner for all of your printed circuit board needs. We offer excellent prototype PCB and product assembly services.
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