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PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

PCBSKY is a national enterprise focusing on PCB manufacturing and PCBA  factory for 8 years. The company has a strong engineering team and a professional electronic component procurement team to serve many domestic and foreign automotive electronics, medical electronics, power communication, industrial automation and smart home. Our customers are from various industries, and PCBSky is a one-stop manufacturing service provider integrating PCB manufacturing, electronic component acquisition, chip processing and test assembly.

PCB Assembly

Our company provides PCBA electronic manufacturing solutions for customers in developed countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Hong Kong, etc., and has won good reputation, including PCB board manufacturing and SMT chip processing and other core businesses.

Self-developed SMT patch online quotation ordering system, the quotation is accurate and hidden, the procurement is efficient and convenient; the production of ERP system in the docking factory, the order situation is unobstructed, the production plan is controlled at any time, so that your PCBA and circuit board projects are in good condition.

SMT Processing Capacity

Material Type ltem MIN MAX
PCB Size(length*width*thickness) 50*40*0.38 mm 510*460*4.2 mm
Weight 1.8 kg
Special size 610*510*4.2 mm
Material FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3, Aluminum board, FPC
Surface treatment HAL, OSP, Immersion gold, plated gold, golden finger
Electronic Components Chip and IC 0402 (1.0*0.5) 22*22
Special size(connector) 1.6*0.8 72 mm
BGA pitch 0.3 mm 1.0 mm
QFP pitch 0.3 mm 1.0 mm
Prodcut Type Product Quantity Normal delivery time The quickest delivery time
SMD+Connector 5~200 6WD 3WD
201~2000 9WD 7WD
≥2000 12~15WD 10WD
SMD+DIP 5~200 6WD 4WD
201 ~2000 12WD 10WD
≥2000 20WD 15WD

SMT Processing

1. Preparation of production materials

preparation of production materials

2. Making pcb stencil

making pcb stencil

3. QC inventory materials

QC inventory materials

4. Program debugging

program debugging

5. Materials on the machine

materials on the machine

6. Printing solder paste

printing solder paste

7. First try stickers

first try stickers

8. Patch processing

patch processing

9. Reflow soldering

reflow soldering

10. AOI optical inspection

AOI optical inspection

11. After welding

after welding

12. QC test

QC test

13. Packaging


Today’s cutting edge products have tougher performance requirements than ever before.  From the most simple Continuity / Isolation test to a multi-phase test plan, we offer a full array of options to meet your product’s requirements.
Test Offerings
Continuity / Isolation
Agilent 3070 Series III ICT
Takaya APT-9411E Flying Probe
Trek ICOM 5000 Ionic Contamination Testing
X-ray, Glenbrook Technologies
Up to 100% Net Coverage (design depending)
Sample In-Process Verification
Programming of JTAG, Flash & EEPROM Devices
Performance Data Logging/Test Reporting

Required Data

GenCAD file
Bill of Materials
Scope of Test Requirements

Today’s electronics are no stranger to dangerous environments. Threats can come from humidity, dust, heat, water, chemicals, and the competition’s prying eyes.
Protect your products with coating or encapsulation options:
Precision Valve & Automation PVA2000 Coating Systems
SCS Precision Conformal Coating/Dispensing
Encapsulation / Potting
Dow Corning
Nitrogen Blanketing
UV Inspection Tracer
Complete Coverage
Isolated Areas

PCBSKY is your trusted one-stop SMT patch, PCBA processing service China SMT assembly manufacturer.

If you have any questions or concerns about PCBSKY, please feel free to contact us through Email or hotline.

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