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Copper Core PCB

Copper-based PCBs use copper as a primary base material in place of commonly used FR4. The copper base material is then covered with an insulating layer followed by a circuit layer. Copper core/based PCBs are known to have excellent heat dissipation and can be used for high frequency applications with minimal variation in performance over wide temperature ranges. However, these advantages do come at a cost (literally), Cu Core PCB’s are vey expensive.

Copper core PCBs is the most expensive one of the metal substrates, and its heat conduction effect is many times better than that of the aluminum substrate and the iron substrate. It is suitable for high-frequency circuits and regions with high and low temperature variations and the heat dissipation and architectural decoration industries of precision communication equipment.

Generally, there are a gold-plated copper substrates, a silver-plated copper substrate, a tin-plated copper substrate, an anti-oxidation copper substrate, and the like. The copper substrate circuit layer is required to have a large current carrying capacity, so thick copper foil should be used, and the thickness is generally 35μm~280μm; the thermal conductive insulating layer is the core technology of the copper substrate, and the core thermal conductive component is aluminum oxide and silicon powder. It consists of a polymer filled with epoxy resin, low thermal resistance (0.15), excellent viscoelasticity, resistance to heat aging, and ability to withstand mechanical and thermal stresses. The copper substrate metal base layer is a supporting member of the copper substrate, and is required to have high thermal conductivity, generally a copper plate (in which the copper plate can provide better thermal conductivity), which is suitable for conventional machining such as drilling, punching and cutting.

With the rapid development of the world’s electronics industry, the power density of electronic, LED, smart devices, medical equipment, new energy equipment and other products has increased. How to find a way to heat dissipation and structural design has become a huge design in today’s electronics industry. Demand, and the thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and mechanical processing performance of the thermoelectric separation copper substrate are undoubtedly one of the effective means to solve the high heat dissipation problem.

Advantages of Cu Based PCBs:

Their heat conduction is way better than the other substrates like Aluminum and Iron
Suitable for high-frequency operation with high and low temperature variations
The copper core PCBs have higher thermal conductivity, which improves the heat transfer efficiency followed by better heat dissipation performance.

Copper Based PCBs
Limitations of Cu Based PCBs:
They are expensive and heavy in weight

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