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Automotive electronics is a combination of electronic information technology and traditional automotive technology. It is the general term for electronic control of vehicle bodies and electronic control of vehicle vehicles. The degree of automotive electronics is seen as an important indicator of the level of modern cars. It is an important technical measure to develop new models and improve the performance of automobiles. Under the promotion of Tesla, the industry is in the process of rapid rise.

PCB is widely used in automotive electronics, including power control systems, safety control systems, body electronics systems, and entertainment communications. Therefore, the requirements for PCBs are diversified, and products with high price and high reliability are highly reliable.

The demand for sex coexists: in the automotive PCB, the proportion of single and double panels, 4 layers, 6 layers, 8-16 layers is 26.93%, 25.70%, 17.37%, 3.49%, respectively, accounting for about 73% of the total; HDI, FPC, and IC carrier boards accounted for 9.56%, 14.57%, and 2.38%, respectively, accounting for about 27% of the total, showing that multi-layer boards are still the main demand for automotive electronics.


Application of electronic systems in automotives aims to increase auto performance, covering three aspects:

a. Environment improvement refers to fuel saving, tail gas reduction, fuel transformation from gasoline, natural gas, bio-fuel to hybrid power and pure power. Electric vehicles, thus, have become a strategic direction for automotive industry.
b. Security enhancement lies in traffic accident reduction, ranging from air bag, radar monitoring, stereo camera, infrared monitoring and automatic avoidance to autonomous driving. Currently, autonomous vehicles are attracting majority attention and invest.
c. Convenience and comfort is generally rooted in audio, video display, air-conditioner, computer, mobile communication, internet, navigation and electronic toll collection for considerations of convenience and humanization.

As backbone of electronic devices, PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) applied for automotive have to meet the requirement listed above as well.

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