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Study on Manufacturing Technology of Ultra-thick Copper Multilayer PCB Plate

Ultra-thick copper multilayer pcb is an integrated connector with strong and weak electric connection function. The manufacturing technology of ultra-thick copper multilayer pcb sheet over 0.41 mm is studied. The superimposition of single-side copper clad sheet and 1.0 mm black copper sheet and epoxy sheet and single-side copper clad sheet and the bonding of non-flowing semi-curable sheet between layers are used to effectively solve the industry problems of ultra-thick copper laminated white spot and stratification.

Special ultra-thick copper multilayer pcb originated in North America, such as UPE Company of Canada. In the 1990s, the company began to develop and produce ultra-thick copper multilayer pcb, which achieved good results. With the rapid development of automotive electronics and power communication module in China, this kind of special PCB has gradually become a kind of special pcb with broad market prospects. According to market understanding, there is a demand for automotive electronics, IGBT assembly, wind power converter, ignition coil, etc. On the other hand, with the wide application of printed circuit boards in the electronic field, their functional requirements are getting higher and higher. Printed circuit boards will not only provide necessary electrical connections and mechanical support for electronic components, but also gradually be given more additional functions. Therefore, the ultra-thick copper multilayer pcb, which can integrate power supply, provide high current and high reliability, has gradually become a new product developed by the pcb industry. It has broad prospects, larger profit margin than traditional pcb, and has great development value. Ultra-thick copper multilayer pcb will play an important role in the future high-end circuit connection market, and will certainly usher in a broader market prospect.

At present, the industry is generally using electroplating copper deposit which is gradually thickened, and multi-time solder resistance printing assisted by the layering method or the use of ultra-thick copper foil is used to achieve ultra-thick copper printed circuit board manufacturing. However, the thickness of copper in the above process can only reach 0.41 mm (12 oz/ft_) at present. It will be very difficult to process ultra-thick copper multilayer plates beyond the copper thickness. There is no technological breakthrough in this area at present. Therefore, the heavy copper pcb manufacturers is studying a new process method for manufacturing heavy copper pcb. Use the technology of laminated master row for reference, and adopt the copper plate embedded pressing technology, after process optimization, the heavy copper pcb manufacturers with more than 0.5 mm (14 oz/ft_) has been realized.

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