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PCB substrate_High speed material

PCB substrate_High speed material

With the increasing speed of electronic signal transmission, more and more products choose to use high-speed PCB substrate. What is high speed plate? “High speed PCB substrate” is commonly known in the industry, which generally refers to the low loss materials used in high-speed PCB. This kind of material has smaller DF (dissipation factor) than ordinary FR4 material.

High speed PCB

Rogers PCB material, as a senior high-frequency and high-speed PCB material supplier in the world, has more choices and applications of materials, and its price is relatively high.

Panasonic’s M6 / M4 series plate is also one of the more common choices. Its DF values are 0.002 and 0.005 respectively.

As one of the core suppliers of PCB substrate, Shengyi technology is also constantly innovating in the research of  high-speed PCB substrate. The following are the relevant parameters and comparison:

high speed pcb material

Due to the price of high-speed materials, the general manufacturers will not keep inventory, and purchase only when the order is needed. The purchasing period is generally 7-15 days. According to different manufacturers, the cycle may also change. If the product cycle is short, this factor should be considered.

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