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PCB layout is the art creation of hardware.

PCB layout is the art creation of hardware.

Layout is a boring and painful thing, but for an engineer who pays attention to layout, he can always get incomparable satisfaction and sense of achievement from the results in the end! In fact, PCB layout is like building a house. Every brick and tile needs to be manufactured and moved manually.

I remember that time when I just learned layout, I used to set up a good game, and then I went straight to the automatic line. And then casually modify it and send out the plate making. At that time, I felt that layout was just a boring process that could not be ignored.
Later, when I went to another company, my projects were all complex communication and server products. I always had two or three FPGAs with several DSPs, various CPU small systems, DDR, AD / DA and so on. Automatic routing is impossible, not in this lifetime. Fortunately, the software is not Protel 99 SE.When the first manual wiring completed a communication board with more than 8000 pins, my heart suddenly felt a little proud. Looking over and over at the signals on each layer of the cloth, although it is a little ugly, each signal line, each fan out, and each equal length are adjusted by themselves. Look at this layout, just like your own child. Then there was a second child, a third child Now I can’t count how many children I have.

It seems that this share of achievement and responsibility has gradually begun to enjoy the process of layout. In fact, for layout people, the whole process is also in the process of creation. It’s like a painter painting on a canvas. Maybe other people’s seemingly boring work, for us, as long as the heart, every time will be full of fresh and challenging. The consideration of EMC, the structural interference of the whole machine, the reservation of channel, the rationality of signal wire arrangement, the perfection of the overall appearance… This is my own art.
PCB Layout
Finally, PCB layout is not a very difficult thing, but it is not a very complex thing. 1-2 years of experience can design a simple PCB, 3-5 years of experience can design a complex PCB, 5-10 years of experience Even more experience is not just to design a PCB, but to PCB design a product. Principle determines function, layout determines performance. Have the same feeling of a like, welcome to me to exchange.
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