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Identify the quality of PCB with ceramic substrate?

Identify the quality of PCB with ceramic substrate?

ceramic PCB
Ceramic substrate refers to the special PCB substrate with copper foil directly laminated on the surface of alumina (Al2O3) or aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate (single or double sided) at high temperature.
Ceramic substrate has become the basic material of high power electronic circuit structure technology and interconnection technology. It is widely used in the manufacturing of electronic industry, because of its good thermal conductivity, high pressure resistance, chemical stability and many other advantages, it has become an important part of electronic products manufacturing.

So, how to distinguish the quality of ceramic substrate?
1. See the quality parameters of ceramic substrate. The ceramic substrate with guaranteed quality should be made from the substrate materials with stable chemical properties (high temperature resistance, strong acid-base resistance), high thermal conductivity and many good quality. The parameter information in this respect can be solved by consulting or consulting the specific product manufacturing instructions.
2. Look at the fine workmanship of ceramic substrate. High quality ceramic substrate requires strict requirements on the distance between electronic components, bonding tightness, etc., of course, the high surface flatness and edge flatness of the plate can also reflect its processing quality.
3. Pass the trial. One of the advantages of ceramic substrate is its good thermal conductivity. It can make the substrate material work for a period of time, and then cut off the power supply to stop its work. Test its temperature and the current flow rate of the whole circuit. If the temperature is too high, it means that its thermal conductivity is not good, and it is not a high-quality ceramic substrate.
4. Through the understanding of ceramic substrate manufacturer information. The manufacturer of ceramic substrate is formal and has various qualifications, which often means that its production and manufacturing are carried out through formal and strict production process and requirements, and the selection of materials will also be guaranteed. Of course, it is also necessary to understand the corresponding brand reputation and user evaluation of ceramic substrate, which can directly reflect the quality of ceramic substrate to a certain extent.
In the pcb prototype, ceramic substrate is a special kind of board, which has higher technical requirements, more difficult to process and more expensive than ordinary PCB substrate. The general PCB proofing factory is too troublesome to make, or because of the small number of customer orders, they don’t want to do it or seldom do it. At present, our company uses ceramic substrate in pcb prototype, which can achieve 4-6 layers of pure ceramic lamination and 4-8 layers of mixed layer lamination.If you have ceramic PCB to produce, please contact us.

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