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PCB application and order distribution.

PCB application and order distribution.

Printed circuit board (PCB) is the blood of electronic products. It is the key component of supporting, loading and connecting electronic circuits. It is an important component of most electronic equipment and products that can not be ignored. PCB can be divided into rigid pcb, flexible PCB and rigid flexible PCB according to the degree of rigidity and flexibility; according to the number of layers, it can be divided into single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB and multi-layer PCB. PCB is widely used in consumer electronics, security monitoring, automotive electronics, wireless interconnection, communication and network, industrial control, LED applications, household appliances, power management, computers and accessories, health care, portable equipment, smart home, new energy, national defense and military industry, aerospace and other fields.

According to IC insights data, in 2019, the global electronic system market size is $1.68 trillion, and the global semiconductor market is $416.3 billion; combined with prismark data, the global PCB industry scale in 2019 is $61.3 billion. According to the data report of Dr. Hayao Nakahara, in 2019, there were 122 PCB manufacturers whose global revenues exceeded 100 million US dollars, of which 52 came from mainland China, and Chinese mainland accounted for 6 in 2000. (data: 52 mainland China, 27 Taiwan China, 18 Japanese, 12 South Korea, 4 US, 5 European and 4 Southeast Asian countries).
Based on the above data, we can draw the following conclusions:
1. Every $1 PCB output value corresponds to about $6.79 for semiconductor consumption and about $27.41 for electronic terminal market.
2. Thanks to China being the largest semiconductor application market in the world, the supporting PCB industry has gradually gathered in Asia. With the development of global electronic products towards miniaturization, portability and thinness, PCB industry is developing towards high-precision, high-density and other high-tech directions. This requires PCB manufacturing enterprises to have strong R & D strength and process technology, maintain continuous investment in technology and capital, and the production pattern is relatively concentrated. Most of the top dozens of PCB enterprises have been listed, accounting for 40-50% of the market share. There are more than 2000 small and medium-sized PCB factories in China, accounting for the remaining 50-60%. Among them, PCB head manufacturers often cooperate with large and medium-sized electronic enterprises and adopt the production mode of large-scale scheduling; while small and medium-sized micro board factories serve small and medium-sized microelectronic terminal customers mainly by proofing or small batch orders.
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