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What is a High Frequency PCB? Where is the High Frequency PCB Used?

What is a High Frequency PCB? Where is the High Frequency PCB Used?

High-frequency board refers to: high-frequency printed circuit board refers to the high-frequency device produced in a specific high-frequency substrate copper clad board, referring to the common FR4 rigid PCB manufacturing process. The main factors to be considered in the selection of high frequency sheets include dielectric constant and tolerance (Dk), loss factor (Df), thermal expansion coefficient (CTE), peel strength (Peel Strength) and water Abs. At present, the most widely used high frequency sheets in the world are ROGERS and TACONIC in the United States. Their substrates are mainly polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). So it is also called PTFE PCB circuit board, PTFE, F4 and Teflon PCB and so on.

teflon PCB

The application fields of high frequency Teflon PCB can be divided into two categories at present:

1. Electronic products of high frequency signal transmission, which are related to radio electromagnetic waves, are products that transmit signals by sinusoidal waves, such as radar, radio, television and communications.

2. Electronic products of high-speed logic signal transmission, which are based on digital signal transmission, are also related to square wave transmission of electromagnetic wave. This kind of products began to be mainly used in computers, computers and other applications. Now they have been rapidly applied to household appliances and communication electronic products.

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