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How to distinguish the quality of printed circuit board.

How to distinguish the quality of printed circuit board.

The application of printed circuit board is not unfamiliar to everyone. Almost all electronic products will see that the development of science and technology promotes the continuous growth of PCB industry. People have higher and higher requirements for the number of layers, precision and reliability of components. There are many kinds of PCB in the market, so it is difficult to distinguish the quality. In this regard, the following will teach you a few ways to identify the quality of PCB manufacturing.

Judging from the appearance
1. Weld appearance
Because there are many circuit board parts, if the welding is not good, the circuit board parts are easy to fall off, which seriously affects the welding quality and appearance of the circuit board, so it is very important to weld firmly.
2. Standard rules for size and thickness
Because the thickness of PCB to standard circuit board has different size, users can measure and check according to their own needs.
3. Light and color
Generally, the external PCB is covered with ink to insulate. If the color of PCB is not bright and less ink is used, it is not good to protect PCB itself.

Judging from the base material
1. Ordinary HB paper-based PCB is cheap and easy to deform and fracture. It can only make single-sided PCB. The color of component surface is dark yellow, with irritating smell. Copper coating is rough and thin.
2. Single side 94v0, CEM-1 PCB, the price is relatively higher than paperboard, component surface color is light yellow, mainly used for industrial PCB and Power PCB with fire rating requirements.
3. Epoxy glass fiber PCB has high cost, good strength and green on both sides. Basically, most PCBs are made of this material. Copper coating can be very precise and fine, but relatively speaking, PCBs made of other materials are also heavy. PCB no matter what color of printing ink to smooth, no false line exposed copper and blistering phenomenon.
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