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The Difference between PCB Design and PCB Copy Board

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Circuit board design is as its name implies: The design of circuit boards is done according to the requirements. Simply speaking, the  pcb Copy Board is template custom circuit board china according to the template provided. Many people think it's the same, but it's still different.

PCB design can be redesigned in terms of size, shape, function or the  increased or reduced functions according to the requirements. Design circuit boards that meet the requirements. But copy board is not good, which can only be the same as the model provided. You can't change it at will. The PCB design is mainly that the existing PCB can not meet the requirements or the products need to be upgraded, and that is to develop new products. The advantage of circuit board design is that it can be distinguished from similar products and is different from others. In the process of using the product, it can be upgraded without restriction. The pcb copy board is to destroy the circuit board and wear off the foot of the single chip computer, and read out the program on the single chip. In the process of cracking the single chip, the single chip may be damaged. So if you want to copy the board, you need to make 2-3 circuit boards. Generally speaking, 80-90% can be cracked successfully at one time.

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