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PCB design and love

PCB design and love

Designing PCB is like falling in love.

There are so many PCB design software (Protel, Altium designer, Allegro, candence), just like different types of girls, as long as we look at the right eye, the chase is over.
But at different stages, you will choose different design software. You may use Protel and Altium designer more when you are reading, and Allegro and candence more when you are working.
At 15 and 25, the types of girls you like may be different.
After you are elected to the PCB design software, you carefully familiarize yourself with the relevant interface for fear that improper operation will cause PCB problems. It’s like falling in love. You just start chasing girls for fear of making her angry, so you try every means to make her happy.
After pursuing for a period of time, you will find that she doesn’t seem to like you so much. It turns out that you are just a single love, or even a spare tire. It’s like PCB layout. After being familiar with it for some time, you find that the package of electronic components seems to be wrong and the size seems to be wrong, but the operation is OK.
So you start to feel tired and doubt yourself. What’s wrong with you?
You give up, or continue to choose to insist.

With your persistence and familiarity with PCB design software, you find that there is something wrong with your operation, and you begin to choose to improve. Just like chasing a girl, you know more and more about her character and her preferences, so you don’t do any useless work any more. Every time you work hard, you can get to the key point.
Slowly, your PCB began to take shape, began to have results. Girls are also moved by your persistence and pursuit. Start to show your favor.

Finally, you like the girl agreed to your pursuit, you also love her. Your efforts have finally paid off. Your PCB is finally finished.
But it’s not so perfect. There may be some mistakes in the inspection rules and electronic component packaging. You should continue to improve. It’s just like when you and a girl start dating, they have different personalities and need to run in.
At this stage, you will quarrel and impulsively want to break up. As the overall layout and wiring have been completed, it will affect the whole body, and a little change is needed.

As time goes by, with more and more practical experience in PCB layout, you have become a senior engineer galloping in the PCB manufacturing industry. In getting along with girls, you can be at ease, without any pressure, and can even become someone else’s emotional mentor.
There is only one kind of heroism in life, that is to love life after knowing the truth of life.
Just like PCB design, you know it will be boring and irritable, but you still choose to love it.
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