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How Are Half Hole Pcb Assembled?

How Are Half Hole Pcb Assembled?

The assembly process of half hole pcb is relatively cumbersome, which requires many processes. The following is a brief description.


Firstly, the bare half hole pcb is transported to SMT workshop by PCB manufacturer. PCB bare board is sent to SMT equipment by feeder for patching. In front of the feeder, components are patched on the PCB board according to the SMT program, mainly small components are mounted on the designated position of the PCB bare board.


After entering SMT mounting process testing, it is generally inspected manually to see if there are any errors, which generally refers to major errors here. Then, as the transmission line is automatically fed into wave soldering, tin is mainly melted on the pad. Detecting and entering the next process of wave soldering is computer testing, where the main detection is whether there is less material, pad and other related issues. After SMT workshop completes, the PCB semi-finished product board is sent to PCBA assembly line and enters the plug-in process.


Plug-in, here refers to the insertion of large components, such as USB interface, large resistance, large LED lights, etc., after insertion into the wave soldering. Wave soldering is a kind of solder bonding, which fixes the inserted components with tin and plays the role of solder joint linking. Then the board is fed into the next process and soldered manually.


Machine is not omnipotent. In the case of incomplete wave soldering, part of it needs to be welded manually. After manual welding, it will enter the stage of functional testing.


Before the function test, the program should be burned, and then the function test should be carried out with tools. When the functional test is completed, it can be directly sent to the finished product assembly workshop for assembly. This is the general process of assembling half hole pcb.


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