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The production process of PCB’A.

The production process of PCB’A.

All kinds of electronic devices are assembled on the circuit board by surface packaging process.  Which is to assemble the assembled PCB with the shell to form a finished product. That is to say, PCB blank board passes through SMT and then goes through the whole process of dip plug-in, referred to as PCB’A.

PCBA manufacturing process is the combination of SMT process flow and dip process flow. According to the requirements of different production technologies, it can be divided into single-sided SMT assembly process, single-sided dip plug-in assembly process, single-sided mixed assembly process, single-sided SMT assembly and plug-in assembly hybrid process, double-sided SMT assembly process and double-sided mixed assembly process, etc.

 See the following PCBA process flow chart.

The production process of PCBA.

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