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Safety Protection of Professional Security PCB Circuit Board Manufacturers

Safety Protection of Professional Security PCB Circuit Board Manufacturers

As a professional heavy copper PCB manufacturers, Shenzhen Convergence Circuit Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of high-precision multilayer and special boards, as well as PCB proofing and production of small batches of PCB boards. Convergence circuit has advanced production technology and process control technology in the industry. It has a professional technology development team with the most advanced full-process processing equipment and employs experienced professional and technical personnel to provide high-quality products, timely and fast supply. The company always adheres to the concept of value-added for customers, actively carries out foreign technical cooperation and exchanges, through the introduction, digestion and absorption of various core and cutting-edge technologies, to enhance research and development capabilities, and store future technology for customers, in order to help customers have products with a low cost, and manufacturable feature.


Taking technology as the main line, the company has designed the whole process service system from front-end design to back-end product realization. It has passed ISO 9001:2008 and UL certification successively, and the products meet the IPC standards and ROHS requirements. In order to cooperate with customers to shorten the R& D cycle and product market time, the company continuously invests a large amount of funds, equipment and manpower every year, and continuously improves the speed of process development and manufacturing delivery capacity. The company has up to 20 layers of processing capacity, and double panel proofing can be completed as soon as 24 hours, batch for 6-7 days. For the multi-layer proofing, it can be completed as soon as 48-96 hours and batch for 8 days. It has provided high-quality products and technical services for high-tech enterprises such as telecommunications, automotive electronics, test industrial control, medical equipment, power and energy, aerospace, national defense applications and scientific and educational institutions. We are all based on the interests of customers, through the establishment of a standardized, efficient quality assurance and service operation system, constantly deepening the wider, more perfect and more lasting cooperation with customers! With excellent product quality, high quality service and competitive price, we sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to cooperate!

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