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China’s PCB Product Technology is Close to the International Advanced Level -1

China’s PCB Product Technology is Close to the International Advanced Level -1

Through the analysis of the market demand proportion of various types of PCB and the comparison of the technological capabilities of some top PCB manufacturers in the world, this paper lists the current technological capabilities of various types of PCB, illustrates the technological level of China’s production of various types of PCB, and draws the conclusion that the technological level of China’s PCB products has approached the international advanced level.

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1. Preface

The strength of printed circuit industry is manifested in many aspects, including production technology, raw material supply and equipment configuration, among which PCB product type and technical capability is an important one. I choose some companies from the world’s top metal core PCB factories in different regions to search for their PCB product types and technological capabilities and make an analysis and comparison to illustrate the current technical capabilities of PCB manufacturing in China’s printed circuit industry.

2. Market proportion of PCB products

PCB products are classified according to the structure of PCB products, including rigid board, flexible board and rigid-flexible combination board. According to the number of layers of conductive circuit, there are single panel, double panel and multi-layer board. This is the traditional and classical classification method, and PCB product category name. With the development of printed circuit technology and market demand, PCB has given new kinds of names according to new technology or structure characteristics and performance characteristics. For example, high density interconnection (HDI) board, also known as micro-Via board in Europe and America, reflects the structural characteristics of the PCB. The same PCB product is often called Build Up multilayer board in Japan, which reflects the technology of the PCB. At present, there are metal-based (metal core) PCB, thick copper PCB, embedded components PCB, high-frequency PCB, backplane, IC packaging board and so on.

PCB products have different production technologies and different grades, but they are not absolute. What kind of products we produce is first based on market needs, and secondly on the production capacity of enterprises.

In 2014, the global output of conventional rigid single and double panels accounted for 14.3% and multi-layer panels for 38%. The sum of the two accounts for 52.3% of the total PCB. According to the production statistics of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of the Japanese Government (JPCA News 2015/03), the domestic PCB output value of Japan in 2014 was 485.403 billion yen, of which 83.752 billion yen was produced by conventional rigid single and double panels, accounting for 17.26% and 29.62% by multi-layer panels, accounting for 46.88% of the total PCB. In mainland China, the output of conventional rigid single and double panels accounts for 8% and multi-layer panels 52%. The sum of the two accounts for 60% of the total PCB. It can be said that the majority of PCB products in mainland China are single-panel, double-panel and multi-panel, which are in line with the market demand structure of PCB in the world.

Through the above analysis, China’s metal core PCB factories should seize the opportunity to follow the world trend of development, promote the development of China’s metal core PCB industry, and seize market share.

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