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Characteristics and application of ceramic circuit board.

Characteristics and application of ceramic circuit board.

Characteristics of ceramic PCB products:
1. Substrate material: 96% alumina or beryllium oxide ceramics
2. Conductor material: silver, palladium, platinum and other alloys, the latest also has copper
3. Resistance paste: generally ruthenate series
4. Typical process: CAD > board making > printing > drying > sintering > resistance correction > pin installation > testing
5. Name: film thickness of resistor and conductor is generally more than 10 μ m, which is thicker than that of circuit made by sputtering process, so it is called thick film. Of course, the film thickness of process printed resistor is less than 10 μ M.

Ceramic circuit board applications:
It is mainly used in high voltage, high insulation, high frequency, high temperature, high reliability and small volume electronic products. Some applications are listed as follows:
1. Ceramic circuit board of high precision clock oscillator, voltage controlled oscillator and temperature compensated oscillator.
2. Metallization of cooler ceramic substrate.
3. Metallization of surface mounted inductor ceramic substrate. Metallization of inductor core electrode.
4. High insulation and high voltage ceramic circuit board of power electronic control module.
5. Ceramic circuit board for high temperature circuit in oil well.
6. Solid state relay ceramic circuit board.
7. DC-DC module power supply ceramic circuit board.
8. Automobile, motorcycle regulator, igniter module.
9. Power transmitter module.

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