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The advantages and applications of Rogers RO4360G2 PCB.

The advantages and applications of Rogers RO4360G2 PCB.

RO4360G2 laminates are 6.15 Dk, low loss, glass-reinforced,hydrocarbon ceramic-fi lled thermoset materials that provide the ideal balance of performance and processing ease. RO4360G2 laminates extend Rogers’ portfolio of high performance materials by providing customers with a product that is lead-free process capable and offers better rigidity for improved processability in multi-layer PCB board constructions, while reducing material and fabrication costs.

Rogers PCB

RO4360G2 laminates process similar to FR-4 and are automated PCB assembly compatible. They have a low Z-axis CTE for design fl exibility and have the same high Tg as all of the RO4000 product line. RO4360G2 laminates can be paired with RO4400 prepreg and lower-Dk RO4000 laminate in multi-layer designs.RO4360G2 laminates, with a Dk of 6.15 (Design Dk 6.4), allow designers to reduce circuit dimensions in applications where size and cost are critical. They are the best value choice for engineers working on designs including power amplifi ers, patch antennas, ground-based radar, and other general RF applications.

Key advantages
High dielectric constant (6.15 DK @ 10 GHz) reduces circuit size
Low z-axis thermal expansion coefficient improves the reliability of through-hole plating
High pyrolysis temperature Tg and lead free process
ROHS certification
RO4360G2 PCB typical applications
power amplifier
Patch Antenna
Ground radar
Other common RF components such as coupling and cross frequency combinerLots of customers come to buy Rogers PCB. We keep All types Rogers material in stock, if you need any of them, welcome to contact us for the price and datasheet.

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