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Some technological questions about ceramic PCB.

Some technological questions about ceramic PCB.

ceramic pcb
1. What kinds of ceramic PCB do you make now?
We can do metal wiring on alumina, aluminum nitride, zirconia, glass, quartz.
2. How do you get through the vias?
Our ceramic circuit board is connected when the ceramic substrate and copper foil are combined. Our products are drilled first and conducted with copper. Moreover, we can conduct without sealing holes, which is convenient for inserting components.
3.How about the surface smoothness of your products?
Our products adopt mechanical polishing, the surface roughness is less than 0.3um, we can achieve 0.1um.

4. What is the thickness and accuracy of copper coating of your products?
Our ceramic circuit board copper coating thickness can be customized from 1 μ m to 1 mm according to customer requirements, and the line width and wire diameter can reach 20um.

5. What is the thickness of the ceramic plate you use?
We are purchasing ceramic substrate, generally 0.254mm, 0.38mm, 0.635mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, etc. other sizes can be customized by contacting ceramic manufacturers.

6. Where are the tiles and labels used?
We use Kyocera from Japan (there are Fujian Huaqing and Zhengzhou China porcelain in China, but under the microscope, the particles of foreign porcelain chips are more uniform, and the performance of the products is more stable). Our existing customers usually use 96 porcelain.

7. Will your product turn black after silver deposit?
If the surface treatment is a product of silver deposition, the blackening of silver is related to the density of silver itself. The higher the density of silver, the better the acid-base resistance. Our products are packed in vacuum and will not be oxidized and discolored for a month. If added with desiccant, it can be used for several years.

8. What are the main sizes of your products?
We customized according to customer requirements, according to user needs to give product design drawings and requirements, we provide proofing, any size can be. The main dimensions of products should be divided into different industries.
9. How about your drilling technology in ceramics?
Because ceramics are very brittle, laser drilling is mostly used in ceramic drilling. The hole diameter of the same drilling is 0.15 to 0.5mm. We can achieve the minimum of 0.06mm.
10. What is the price of your product, the thickness of copper, silver and gold, and the price of your product?
If ENIG is used, the thicker the metal layer, the higher the cost. The price can be determined according to the user’s usage, copper foil thickness, ceramic thickness and type, and the price can be determined according to the drawing requirements.
11. Will circular products waste materials?
No, the circular problem mainly depends on the panel. If the customer provides the panel, it can be completed according to the other party’s panel. If there is no panel requirement, we will make better use of the space to save costs for you.
12. How much can a ceramic circuit board do?
At present, the larger ceramic substrate size is about 140mm * 190mm, because we are purchasing ceramic chip. If the size is special, we need to contact the manufacturer for customization.

If you have ceramic PCB to produce, please contact us.

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