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On the packaging of PCB board.

On the packaging of PCB board.

The packaging of PCB board has a very small proportion in the manufacturing process of custom PCB manufacturing factory. The main reason is that it does not produce added value on the one hand, and on the other hand, the Chinese manufacturing industry does not pay much attention to the packaging of products. In this regard, factories should learn from Japanese factories for household electronics, daily necessities and food. With the same function, people would prefer to spend more money on Japanese goods, which shows that they attach great importance to each process. Therefore, the packaging will be discussed independently, so as to let PCB manufacturers know that there is a small improvement, which may have great effect.
For the early packaging methods, see the table for outdated shipping packaging methods, and list the missing ones. At present, some small factories still use these methods for packaging.
The capacity of domestic Rigid pcb factories is expanding rapidly, and most of them are exported. Therefore, the competition is very fierce, not only between domestic factories, but also with the top two PCB factories in the United States and Japan. In addition to the technical level and quality of products recognized by customers, the quality of packaging needs to be satisfied by customers. Almost a small scale of electronic factory, now will require PCB manufacturers to ship packaging, must pay attention to the following matters.

1.Vacuum packaging must be carried out;
2. The number of boards per stack is limited according to the size;
3. Weight limit of each box;
4. Carton weight, specifications and others;
5. Whether there are special regulations to slow down the impact before placing the board inside the carton;
6. Tolerance specification after sealing;
7. Specification requirements of PE film and bubble cloth;
8. Specification of covering density and width of edge reserved of PE lamination film.
At present, China’s vacuum packaging is similar, the main difference is the effective working area and the degree of automation. The following is the operation procedure of vacuum tight packing:
1. Preparation: locate the PE film, manually operate whether the mechanical action is normal, set the PE film heating temperature, suction time, etc.
2. Stack board: when the number of laminated plates is fixed, its height is also fixed. At this time, it is necessary to consider how to stack them, so as to maximize the output and save materials. The following are some principles:
1) The distance between the outermost plate and the edge should be at least twice the plate thickness.
2) According to the specification (thickness) of PE film (the standard is 0.2m/m), the distance between each stack of boards depends on the specification (thickness) of PE film (the standard is 0.2m/m). By using the principle of softening and lengthening by heating, the coated board is pasted with bubble cloth while vacuuming. The spacing should be at least twice the total thickness of each stack. If it is too large, the material will be wasted; if it is too small, it will be difficult to cut, and the adhesive part will fall off or can not be adhered at all.
3) If the panel size is not large, according to the above packaging method, it will waste materials and manpower. If the number is very large, a similar soft board packaging mode to do containers, then do PE film shrink packaging. Another way is to ask for the customer’s agreement. There is no gap between each stack of boards, but it is separated by cardboard, and the appropriate number of stacks is taken. There are also hard paper or corrugated paper to undertake.
3. Start:
A. press the start button, and the heated PE film will be led down by the pressure and frame to cover the table top;
B. the bottom vacuum pump will inhale air to cling to the circuit board and adhere to the bubble cloth.
C. After the heater is removed and cooled, raise the outer frame.
D. After cutting off the PE film, pull the chassis to separate each layer,
4. Packing: the packing method, if specified by the customer, must be in accordance with the customer’s packing specification; if not specified by the customer, the packing specification in the PCB factory must be formulated in accordance with the principle of protecting the board from external damage during transportation. The precautions mentioned above, especially for the packing of export products, should be paid more attention.
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