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Brief Introduction of MCPCB

The increasing specification of electronic products has led to the wide application of large scale integrated circuit (IC) and surface mount technology (SMT) assembly in modern electronic manufacturing services. In addition, the circuit has been developing in the direction of miniaturization, lightweight, multi-function, high performance, high speed and high reliability. The increase of component density leads to the increase of heat flux. In the case of semiconductor devices, excessive temperature may lead to changes in electrical properties. Whenever T J (junction temperature) rises once, if it is serious, it will lead to thermal breakdown. If the thermal problem is not properly solved, the component specifications will be affected by instability, further reducing the stability and reliability of the product, while suspended in the air. In short, the hot issues of printed circuit boards (PCBs) are so prominent that special attention must be paid to them for the sake of high performance of electronic products.

So far, the heat dissipation high-tech circuit utilization method can not meet the heat dissipation requirements set by subsequent circuits, so a new heat dissipation solution is needed. Based on the discussion of heat dissipation methods commonly used in electronic products, metal core PCB (MCPCB) has been introduced as a solution to thermal problems in advanced circuits.

Compared with the traditional heat dissipation mode, MCPCB has incomparable heat dissipation advantages. MCPCB can increase the power density of products and reduce the need to assemble radiators and other hardware.

In addition, as the cost of hardware and assembly decreases, the product volume may shrink, so the mcpcb cost is lower.

Finally, MCPCB has played an active role in improving product reliability and shielding electromagnetic wave, reducing electromagnetic interference.

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