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What Are the Installation Forms of PCB Components?

Installation Forms of Electronic Components

For different types of components, their shape and lead arrangement are different, and their installation forms are also different. Here are some common installation forms.

1. Installation form of veneer type

The mounting type is to install the components close to the surface of the printed circuit board, and the gap between the components and the printed circuit board is about 1 mm. Installation lead of veneer is short, stability is good, and installation is simple. However, it is not conducive to heat dissipation and is not suitable for installation of high heating components. Double-sided welded circuit boards have wires on both sides. If the component is a metal case, there are printed guide wires under the component. In order to avoid short circuit, the component case should be padded with insulation pad or sleeve insulation bushing.

2. Suspension mounting form
Heating components and heat-resistant components are usually installed in suspension mode. The suspension installation mode is to install the component shell at a certain distance from the PCB surface, and the installation clearance is about 3-8 mm. In order to maintain the high consistency of components, bushing can be inserted on the lead wire.

3. Vertical Installation Form

Vertical mounting can be used in some high density mounting areas of PCB. Vertical mounting is the vertical mounting of components housing with axial bi-directional lead. Components with large quality and thin lead are not suitable for this form. In vertical installation, for short lead pin welding, a lot of heat is transferred. In order to avoid high temperature damage to components, gaskets can be used to block heat transfer.

4. Embedded Installation Form
Embedded installation is to bury part of the shell of components into the embedded hole of printed circuit board. Some components requiring seismic protection can adopt this method to enhance the seismic resistance of components and reduce the installation height.

5. Installation form of fixing bracket
Fixed bracket is installed in the form of fixed bracket to fix components on printed circuit board. Some small relays, transformers, choke coils and other heavy components are installed in this way, which can enhance the firmness of the components on the circuit board.

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