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Advantages of Metal Core PCB

Advantages of Metal Core PCB

In many ways, LEDs are like any other component mounted on a circuit board. If only a few LEDs appear, such as green and red lights for turning on the machine, then there is no abnormality in the layout of the PCB. However, there are lighting solutions that can keep LED or long array LED on for a long time.


Keeping these devices cool so that they do not fail prematurely or cause potential safety hazards may become a major problem. Efficient cooling also requires consistency of light output. Changing your PCB from standard FR4 type to metal core PCB (MCPCB) manufacturing is an option worth considering.


Some advantages of metal core pcb fabrication are that metal core PCB manufacturing uses specially prepared special substrate materials to improve the reliability of design operating at higher than normal temperature. Substrate is not strictly used as the installation surface of various components, but actively absorbs the heat from the position of the thermal operating elements to the relative layer of the circuit board, which can efficiently and safely dissipate heat.


MCPCB has proven to be an excellent solution for cooling PCBs that use a lot of LEDs.


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