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What are the characteristics of 5G PCB.

What are the characteristics of 5G PCB.

Generally speaking, the conductive pattern made of printed circuit, printed component or combination of the two on the insulating substrate is called printed circuit, while the conductive figure providing electrical connection between components on insulating substrate is called printed circuit.

5G PCB not only has strict requirements on the reliability, electrical performance, thermal performance and product quality of printed circuit boards, but also requires the service life of the products to be more than 10 years. Therefore, the certification of PCB suppliers is very strict and the entry threshold is high. According to the Research Report of China securities Construction Investment Corporation, Huawei, as an example, has passed the certification of high-end boards High end communication board participants mainly include Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd., SCC, Zhuhai founder (circuit board business subsidiary of Founder Technology Group Co., Ltd.) and Shengyi electronics.
Network equipment board is mainly used in backbone network transmission, router, high-end switch, Ethernet switch and access network and other network transmission products. Network communication and data transmission are developing towards high-speed and large-capacity transmission, which puts forward higher and higher requirements for printed circuit board. With the increase of the transmission rate of products and the number of chips and components on the surface of circuit boards, the requirements for the processing capacity of large-size single boards are becoming higher and higher. Network equipment board usually needs to use high-speed plate, and meet the product’s stringent requirements on density, dimensional accuracy, alignment and other aspects, while ensuring the electrical performance of high-speed signal transmission.
5G communication has the characteristics of low transmission loss, low transmission delay and high reliability, which requires printed circuit board with low dielectric constant and low loss factor. In the production process of printed circuit board, the dielectric constant, loss factor, heat resistance, surface flatness, multi-layer processing, mixed pressure processing, copper plating uniformity are precisely controlled. The printed circuit board produced has the excellent characteristics of low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss and high reliability, which can meet the requirements of low transmission of 5G communication printed circuit boards Loss, low transmission delay, high heat resistance, high reliability requirements.
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