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What are SMT and DIP? What is the difference between SMT and DIP?

What are SMT and DIP? What is the difference between SMT and DIP?

What are SMT, DIP?

SMT is the abbreviation of surface mount technology, which is the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. It is a kind of circuit assembly technology that the surface assembly components are installed on the surface of circuit board or other substrates, and are welded and assembled by reflow soldering or immersion soldering.
Dip is the abbreviation of dual in-line package. It refers to the device packaged in the form of plug-in, and the number of pins generally does not exceed 100. Often referred to as “dip welding” or “dip post welding”, refers to the soldering of dip packaged devices after SMT.

The difference between SMT and DIP

SMT is usually mounted on the surface of components without pins or short leads. It needs to print solder paste on the circuit board first, then mount it through the mounter, and then fix the device by reflow soldering. Dip welding is a kind of in-line package device, which is fixed by wave soldering or manual welding.
Both SMT and dip are part of PCBA processing, but not all PCBA factories have the ability of post welding SMT and dip, and the processing quality is also uneven. When choosing PCBA factory for cooperation, it is recommended to go to the factory for on-the-spot investigation to see the personnel technology, processing equipment and the overall environment of the PCB factory.PCBSky is headquartered in Shenzhen, and the factory is in Xinfeng, Jiangxi Province. It focuses on R & D of proofing, SMT post welding, assembly and testing. The factory is equipped with Fuji XPF, nxt3 mounter, reflow soldering in 10 temperature zone, wave soldering, AOI / SPI / Xray / intelligent first article tester, etc., and is committed to providing customers with high-quality PCBA processing services. Welcome customers to visit our factory.

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