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VT-90 series parameters of VENTEC PCB material and PCB production.

VT-90 series parameters of VENTEC PCB material and PCB production.

VENTEC electronics is a professional copper clad laminate manufacturer. Its business scope includes: R & D, production and processing of epoxy resin glass cloth copper clad laminate for single and double and multi-layer PCB, epoxy resin glass cloth PP for multi-layer PCB, and new instrument components and materials and related products for flexible circuit board. The main products include: high performance copper foil substrate, high performance PP, metal substrate, etc.
The vt-90 series products independently developed by the company have reached the international advanced and domestic leading position, and were approved by NASA in 2013. The aluminum core series independently developed by the company is widely used in automobile manufacturing industry.

Product Name Industry Approval Description
VT-901 IPC-4101E /40 /41 UL-V0 Polyimide Tg 250
VT-90H IPC-4101E /40 /41 UL-HB Polyimide Tg 250
VT-901HW IPC-4101E /40 /41 UL-V0 Polyimide Ceramic Filled Prepreg Optimized for filling Metal Core PCBs Tg 250
VT-901PP NF/LF LCTE IPC-4101E /40 No Flow / Low Flow Prepreg Tg 200 LCTE
VT-901N IPC-4101E /42 No Flow / Low Flow Prepreg Tg 200 LCTE

Ventec Electronics's polyimide laminates and prepregs including ceramic-loaded polyimide withstand elevated process temperatures such as lead-free reflow. The optimum choice for high reliability in prolonged high-temperature operation, and offering bromine-free formulas, this portfolio has what you need to secure the most demanding certifications for satellite, aerospace, military, and high-temperature automotive applications.

If you have VT-90 PCB to manufacture, please contact us, we will provide the best technology to help you complete the project.

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