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Three high frequency circuit boards and their characteristics.

Three high frequency circuit boards and their characteristics.

High frequency PCB is a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency. Generally speaking, high frequency can be defined as frequency above 1GHz. Its physical properties, precision, technical parameters requirements are very high.
With the development of electronic equipment in the direction of high frequency, the application of high frequency circuit board is more and more widely, especially in the fields of automobile anti-collision system, satellite system, radio system and satellite communication. The following high frequency circuit board factory will introduce several high-frequency circuit boards and their characteristics.
1. High frequency circuit board, mixed laminated design

The mixed laminated  of RO4350B and FR4 is used, the minimum hole diameter is 0.35mm, and the surface treatment is ENIG, which is applied in the field of communication.

High frequency pcb
2. High frequency PCB,mixed laminated design, red solder mask
It is made of Ro4350B + FR4. The minimum hole diameter is 0.25 mm and the board thickness  is 1.6 mm.
High frequency circuit board

3. High frequency circuit board, used in communication power amplifier
It is made of PTFE + FR4, the minimum hole diameter is 0.45mm, and the board thickness is 1.6mm.


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