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PCBSky is high-frequency PCB factory.

PCBSky is high-frequency PCB factory.

With the advent of 5G era, more and more communication / microwave radar / security / filter / medical / base station/Military products need to use high frequency PCB board, so many R & D engineers in the design of high-frequency PCB, must want to be able to design their own high-frequency PCB prototype as soon as possible, then find high-frequency PCB proofing to find which PCB manufacturer will be better?
high frequency pcb
First of all, this high-frequency PCB factory must have professional production equipment; second, it must have many years of production experience; third, delivery must be fast and on time; fourth, we should be very familiar with the selection of high-frequency PCB materials and the whole process flow. Therefore, choosing a suitable high-frequency PCB manufacturer can help the R & D personnel complete their own design to the finished product as soon as possible.Pcbsky is mainly engaged in high-frequency microwave RF induction printed circuit board and double-sided multilayer circuit board service factory. The main products are: microwave RF high-frequency PCB, Rogers high-frequency PCB, Arlon high-frequency PCB, special circuit board, high-frequency circuit board for power divider, coupler, combiner, power amplifier, dry amplifier, base station, RF antenna, 4G antenna. We have high-frequency PCB rapid production capacity, 4-layer PCB can be expedited 48 hours to ship, 8-layer PCB high-frequency board 72 hours to ship, so if you have high-frequency pcb prototype demand, welcome to contact us, we will provide 24-hour dedicated service for you, thank you!
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