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PCB Circuit Board Customization

The general custom PCB fabrication design process is as follows: pre-preparation → PCB structure design → PCB layout → wiring → wiring optimization and silk screen → network and DRC inspection and structural inspection → plate making

Preliminary preparation

This includes preparing component libraries and schematics.

PCB structure design

According to the determined board size and various mechanical positioning, draw the PCB surface in the PCB design environment, and place the required connectors, buttons/switches, screw holes, assembly holes, etc. according to the positioning requirements. And fully consider and determine the wiring area and non-wiring area.

The assembly drawing is printed after the layout is completed. The assembly drawing is used by the schematic designer to check the correctness of the device package and to confirm the signal correspondence between the board, the backplane and the connector. The wiring can be started after confirmation.


Wiring is the most important process in the overall custom pcb fabrication. This will directly affect the performance of the PCB.

Wiring optimization and silk screen printing

Copper is generally laid on the ground (note the separation of the analog ground and the digital ground), and the power supply may be required when the multi-layer board is used. For silk screen printing, be careful not to be blocked by the device or removed by vias and pads. At the same time, the design should face the component surface, and the underlying words should be mirrored to avoid confusion.

Network and DRC inspection and structural inspection

First, the network check (NETCHECK) of the physical connection relationship between the generated PCB network file and the schematic network file is determined on the premise that the circuit schematic design is correct. And according to the output file results, the design is corrected in time to ensure the correctness of the wiring connection relationship.

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