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New Line-to-Plate Plug Connector and Plate-to-Plate Connector

New Line-to-Plate Plug Connector and Plate-to-Plate Connector

The introduction of new line-to-board plug connectors and board-to-board connectors further enriches the series of non-polar sockets and socket connectors. The connector is specially designed for connecting aluminum printed circuit boards, which is mainly used for lighting control and LED lighting module applications, making its assembly faster and easier. The new plug connector is made of 18-22AWG (0.3 to 0.9 square millimeters) multi-strand wire diameter, pressed tin-plated copper terminal and thermoplastic shell with 94V-0 flame retardant value. The plug connector is used in conjunction with the plate base connector and can provide active locking function to ensure safe connection.

Metal Core PCB

“With the sustained and rapid development of LED lighting applications, manufacturers are committed to continuously developing lighting system solutions with lower installation and maintenance costs. The non-polar socket and socket connector have added the function of wire-to-plate, which provides a complete connection scheme for customers, so that they can connect the lighting module quickly and flexibly. Comparing with the traditional polar design, the small-sized plate-end connector with non-polar socket and socket design can provide a more flexible installation mode of LED printed circuit board tape. New connectors can be connected by sliding horizontally or vertically together with two PCBs. The unique vertical sliding connection design makes it easier to replace the circuit board in the middle of the lamp string, because only the circuit board to be replaced is lifted and then put into the new circuit board. The board end connectors in this series can be used for both board-to-board and line-to-board connections. The advantage of non-polar design is that customers only need to store a product for board-end application, which greatly reduces the inventory complexity, and simplifies the design because the board-end is required to be designed in the same structure. The packaging of terminal reel mode is convenient for the operation of high-speed terminal equipment.

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