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China’s PCB Product Technology is Close to the International Advanced Level -2

China’s PCB Product Technology is Close to the International Advanced Level -2

3. Technical level of PCB products

All kinds of commercialized PCB products in the world can be produced in mainland China and cannot be produced at the same level. The technical performance of the same kind of PCB products varies greatly. High frequency electrical property and dimension stability (CET) of PCB are closely related to the base material. The first step to meet the requirement is to select the suitable base material.

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4. Technological development of PCB products

The technological development of PCB products is multifaceted. The top 100 PCB manufacturers in the world have their own proprietary PCB production technology besides their large production scale, and those core technologies put them in the lead. For example, the technology of mSPA, SPA, PCB, R-FPCB, SiP and printed electronics are used to make fine graphics. At present, China’s PCB manufacturers are strong to reach the international advanced level, followed by the realization of international leadership is super strong.

Through the above analysis, China’s metal core PCB factories should seize the opportunity to follow the world trend of development, increase R&D investment, narrow the technological gap with developing countries, and maintain continuous progress in order to stand in the ranks of the world’s advanced level and become a powerful country!

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