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It’s easier to find a PCB Factory than you think.

It’s easier to find a PCB Factory than you think.

As the first step before mass production, pcb prototype is of great importance. When you pick up a circuit board, you can see the dense small pinholes and well-organized copper wires on it. Each small pinhole is the interface of components, and each wire has its specific conduction function. Any abnormality in such a precise and strict product may lead to the failure of the function of the circuit board.

Although the requirements are high, the complete production process is indeed very mature. For example, if a customer has a circuit board designed by himself and wants to find a supplier for OEM production. He needs to briefly understand the following steps:

First, send the PCB files designed by yourself to the supplier in the specified format, and communicate with the supplier in time about which material to choose. The above is all the information that customers need to provide in the early stage.

The next few steps belong to the internal operation of the factory. The supplier will cut the base plate according to the requirements. Considering that customers may change their attention and their own product qualification rate and other hidden dangers, workers will prepare several more materials. The plate passes through the drawing line, CCD alignment, punching out the positioning hole and rivet hole of the detection operation, AOI optical reverse inspection and component installation.

At this stage, the primary finished products can be sent to customers for inspection. Usually, customers will find problems such as incomplete functions in their design during inspection. In order to satisfy customers, the manufacturer can directly use the previously cut spare substrate and re proofing according to the modified requirements.

So far, the basic process has been completed. If the customer requests to add details such as trademark or serial number. You can add it by silk screen printing in this step.

China’s pcb prototype manufacturing has been put into operation for many years. At present, the technology and manufacturer’s hardware configuration are very mature. There are not only a large number of OEM factories in coastal cities; Inland, such as Hunan and Hubei, there are many processing plants of the same type. When choosing a cooperative factory, pcbsky suggests that you might as well consider the factories close to the factory first, so as to inspect the goods in the process of factory inspection and proofing. At the same time, we should also focus on the scale and environmental sanitation of the processing plant.

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