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Four disadvantages of flexible PCB.

Four disadvantages of flexible PCB.

1. High initial cost
Since FPC board is designed and manufactured for special application, the cost of circuit design, wiring and photographic plate is high. Unless there is a special need to apply flexible PCB board, it is better not to use it in a small number of applications.
2. It is difficult to change and repair flexible PCB board
3. Limited size
Flexible PCB is usually manufactured by batch process, so it can’t be made very long and wide due to the size of production equipment.
4. Improper operation is easy to damage
Improper operation of the assembly personnel may cause damage to the flexible circuit, and the soldering and rework need to be operated by trained personnel.
Once the flexible PCB is made, the change must start from the base drawing or the light drawing program, so it is not easy to change. Its surface is covered with a layer of protective film, which should be removed before repair and restored after repair, which is a relatively difficult work.
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