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S1000 2M PCB material

S1000 2M PCB material

S1000-2m is a high Tg product of Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. (tg170 °C) and FR-4 material. It has lead-free adaptability to high multilayer. It is widely used in automobile, HDI PCB and various high-end electronic circuit boards in the industry. It is famous for its stable performance, convenient processing and fast delivery.
tg 170 PCB
Lead free compatible fr-4.0 substrate
High tg170 °C (DSC), UV blocking / AOI compatible
High heat resistance
Low z-axis thermal expansion coefficient
Excellent through hole reliability
Excellent anti CAF performance
Low water absorption and high temperature and humidity resistance
Excellent machining performance
Application area
Suitable for high Multilayer PCB
It is widely used in computer, communication and automotive electronics

S1000-2M datasheet

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