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Discussion on the Change Direction of PCB Manufacturing Era-Quality Determines the Future

Discussion on the Change Direction of PCB Manufacturing Era-Quality Determines the Future

At present, China's manufacturing industry (including PCB industry) has gradually entered the era of intellectualization, but also brought new opportunities and challenges to PCB enterprises. So in the era of manufacturing intellectualization, what exactly should PCB enterprises do?

At the beginning of the speech, the industry leaders said frankly that the current industry environment is not too optimistic. But at the same time, he also pointed out that China's PCB industry will inevitably develop with the development of China's electronics industry, PCB manufacturers will be able to achieve some results as long as they seize the opportunity.

As for how to seize the opportunity in this intelligent era, the meeting put forward that the foothold lies in quality management. To do a good job in quality management, first of all, we should make clear our direction. In this link, enterprise leaders quoted Lei Jun's seven-character formula "focus, quality, extreme, fast" and President Xi Jinping's five development concepts "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing". Chairman Xi's five development concepts can be used as the development direction of factory enterprise culture.

Why should quality management be promoted to such a high strategic level?

At present, it has ushered in the era of quality consumption. Consumers should be assured that they can buy things to see the experience. Although the existing ISO system has been repaired and improved, the theme framework is still more than a decade ago, facing the increasingly stringent quality requirements, the system has been completely backward. For example, traceability system is one of the core systems in quality management. If there is a product problem, we should quickly lock in which batch of boards and which label. However, as far as the previous ISO system is concerned, the traceability system is nothing more than FQC drawing lines or Date code (date code) on the film. Even some factories are not perfect in these two traceability methods, and can not meet the traceability problems of sheet metal, impedance and pore copper.

In many people's viewpoints and concepts, quality is manufactured, but in many PCB factories, this is the case: quality is mainly the matter of quality department. The overall quality objectives of the factory are formulated by the quality department, the quality problems are determined by the quality department, and the handling of customer complaints is also led by the quality department.

For PCB enterprises, the relationship between quality department and supplier (material) is also very important. Ideally, the two are community of interests. But in reality, it still belongs to the "preventive" procurement management. The meeting mentioned that Shenzhen PCB manufacturers should play a leading role in quality management as the focus of work, and produce more high-quality and low-cost products, so as to promote the development of PCB manufacturing industry in China.

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