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Arlon series of high frequency PCB materials.

Arlon series of high frequency PCB materials.

With the increasing complexity of electronic components and switches, faster signal flow is needed to improve the transmission frequency. Due to the short rise time of the electronic component pulse, it is necessary to regard the conductor width as the electronic component in high frequency technology.
According to the different parameters, the high frequency signal is reflected to the circuit board, which means that the impedance (dynamic resistance) varies with the transmission components. In order to prevent this capacitive effect, all parameters must be specified accurately and implemented with the highest level of process control.
The key to the impedance of high frequency PCB is the track geometry of conductor, the accumulation of layers and the dielectric constant of materials.

Arlon Microwave Materials specializes in products made from fluoropolymers (i.e. PTFE), ceramic filled fluoropolymers, ceramic-filled hydrocarbon thermosets, and other materials that deliver the electrical performance needed in frequency-dependent circuit applications. These products are supplied as copper-clad laminates with bonding plies, or prepregs, for production of PCB. Arlon has over 55 years of experience in microwave materials, today providing products that are used to make combiner boards and feed networks for microwave applications as well as base station antennas and power amplifier boards for the wireless telecommunications infrastructure market.

Arlon high frequency PCB materials are as follows:
AD255 C03099 AD255 C06099 AD255 C04099 AD300 C03099,AD300 C04099 AD300 C06009 TC600 AD250 C02055C,TC350,MCG300CG, DCL220 CUCLAD 217LX,CUCLAD 250GX,ARLON 55NT,CUCLAD 250GT…Arlon material parameters??


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