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What is the Goldfingers of Electronic Components?

Circuit board goldfingers are special part which needs to be processed by gold plating technology when processing circuit board, but when drawing circuit schematic diagram, there is no special golden finger component. Different plates need different number of golden finger, which can not be unified into components.

In fact, when drawing a schematic diagram, one-row needle is used to replace, or one-row connector drawing, or drawing a plug-in with the same number of golden fingers as PCB. The key is to encapsulate this component into golden fingers when drawing PCB, draw golden fingers on the circuit board, and also tell PCB manufacturers to process golden fingers by gold plating process. Therefore, the schematic diagram is more casual, the key is to draw PCB, and it is enough to draw the golden finger, and process the golden finger.

At present, the commonly used circuit board goldfingers plating process mainly includes the following two kinds:

One is the lead wire from the end of the circuit board goldfingers. As a gold-plated wire, the lead is removed by milling or etching after the gold-plating is completed. However, the products produced by this process will have residual lead around the golden finger, resulting in copper dew, which can not meet the requirement of not allowing copper dew.

The other is not to lead from the golden finger, but from the inner or outer circuit of the circuit board connected with the golden finger to achieve gold finger plating, thus avoiding copper exposure around the golden finger. However, when the line density in the circuit board is very high and the line is very compact, it may not be possible to make the lead in the circuit layer using this technology; moreover, this technology can not do anything for the isolated golden finger (i.e., the golden finger is not connected to the line).

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