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What are the first, second and third level standards of IPC in PCB Factory?

What are the first, second and third level standards of IPC in PCB Factory?

I believe you are no stranger to IPC standard. Maybe you will hear customers say that our PCB is used in medical devices, and we require the product to meet the IPC class III standard. What is the IPC standard?
In ipc-a-610c document, electronic products are divided into level 1, level 2 and level 3. The higher the level is, the more stringent the quality inspection conditions are. These three levels of products are:
Level 1 products are called general electronic products. It includes consumer electronics, some computers and their peripherals, and products whose main purpose is to use functions.
Level 2 products are called special service electronic products. Including communication equipment, complex industrial and commercial equipment and high-performance, long-life measuring instruments. In the normal use environment, this kind of product should not occur failure.
Level 3 products are called high performance electronic products. It includes high reliability, long life military and civil equipment that can be operated continuously. This kind of product is absolutely not allowed to break down in the process of use. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the reliable start-up and operation of the equipment in harsh environment. For example, medical life-saving equipment and all military equipment systems.
For all levels of products, IPC-610C specifies acceptance conditions such as "target condition", "acceptable condition", "process warning condition" and "defect condition". These acceptance conditions are not only the basis of product inspection, but also the working standards of employees on the production site. At the same time, they have become an important part of staff training in electronic production and assembly enterprises.
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