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The essential electromagnetic shielding film of FPC will break out in 5G market.

The essential electromagnetic shielding film of FPC will break out in 5G market.

With the rapid development of technology and application of electronic products, the technical requirements of electromagnetic shielding film are higher and higher. Flexible PCB tends to be high-frequency and high-speed, and the electromagnetic interference produced is more and more serious. Effective suppression of electromagnetic interference has become an important performance requirement of FPC products.
flexible PCB
At present, the main measure of electromagnetic shielding of FPC is to stick electromagnetic shielding film on its surface. Due to the characteristics of flexi PCB, such as thin and flexible, the electromagnetic shielding film is also required to meet the requirements. In addition to meeting the requirements of electromagnetic shielding efficiency, it also has the characteristics of thin, bending resistance, low grounding resistance, high peel strength and lower insertion loss.
Electromagnetic shielding is a kind of shielding body made of special materials, which limits the electromagnetic wave in a certain range, so that its electromagnetic radiation is suppressed or attenuated.
In smart phones, tablet computers and other electronic products, due to the tight product structure and limited product space, electromagnetic shielding film is often used to block electromagnetic interference. Electromagnetic shielding film is mainly attached to FPC products to use, metal alloy electromagnetic shielding film is the most mainstream electromagnetic shielding film.
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