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The difference between aluminum and copper substrates

The difference between aluminum and copper substrates

Aluminum substrate PCB is made of aluminum substrate, due to its strong heat dissipation ability, so most are used in LED lighting products. The single panel of aluminum substrate is composed of three layers: circuit layer, insulation layer and metal base layer. The structure of the double panel is composed of circuit layer, insulating layer, aluminum base, insulating layer and circuit layer.

Metal Core PCB

Copper prototype board is the most expensive kind of metal substrate, is made of copper plate. The thermal conductivity of copper prototype board is better than that of aluminum substrate and iron substrate.

Copper prototype board and aluminum substrate compared to a lot of performance advantages:

1, copper substrate thermal conductivity is twice as high as aluminum substrate, thermal conductivity, heat transfer efficiency is higher, heat dissipation performance is better.

2, copper substrate can be processed into a metal hole, and aluminum substrate cannot.

3, the copper and aluminum elastic modulus of large difference, so the copper substrate warpage and shrinkage will be smaller than the aluminum substrate.

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