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The characteristics and application of Rogers KAPPA 438 PCB.

The characteristics and application of Rogers KAPPA 438 PCB.

Specifically formulated to have FR-4 matched dielectric constant (Dk),design transition to Kappa 438 laminates will be effortless. These laminates also exhibit low loss, tight Dk and thickness tolerances needed to meet the growing performance needs of the wireless market traditionally served by higher end FR-4 materials. Demand for wireless data is growing exponentially, driving a need for substantially higher levels of mobile network capacity and performance. FR-4 was historically a material choice for many less demanding RF applications, but changes in the wireless infrastructure related to growing performance requirements, especially in small cells and carrier-grade Wi-Fi, has resulted in instances where the properties of FR-4 are lacking, and RF performance and consistency is compromised.

Wireless circuit designers can now realize a true breakthrough with Kappa 438 laminates because they feature the performance of mid-tier circuit materials that extend beyond performance limitations of FR-4, and provide the optimum blend of price, performance, and reliability. Kappa 438 laminates can be fabricated using standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) processes and are compatible with conventional bond plies. These laminates utilize RoHS compliant flame-retardant technology to achieve a UL 94 V-0 flame retardant rating and are lead-free solder process compatible. These materials conform to the requirements of IPC-4103A, slash sheet /250.

Rogers PCB

Dielectric Constant:4.38

Typical Applications:
• Carrier Grade Wi-Fi/Licensed
Assisted Access (LAA)
• Small Cell and Distributed
Antenna Systems (DAS)
• Vehicle to Vehicle/Vehicle to
Infrastructure Communications(V2X)
• Internet of Things (IoT PCB)
Segments: Smart Home and
Wireless Meters
Glass cloth reinforced hydrocarbon ceramic series
Matching of dk-4 with industry standard
Stricter DK and thickness tolerance control than FR-4
Low z-axis CTE and high TG
Flame retardant
Similar to FR-4, it is easy to process and assemble
A design DK of 4.38 makes it easy to replace existing FR-4 based designs in designs that require better electrical performance.
Consistent circuit performance
Optimized design flexibility, PTH reliability and auto assembly compatibility
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