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The advantages and applications of Rogers RT / Duroid 6006 & 6010 PCB.

The advantages and applications of Rogers RT / Duroid 6006 & 6010 PCB.

RT/duroid®6006/6010LM microwave laminates are ceramic PTFE composites designed for electronic and microwave circuit applications requiring a high dielectric constant. RT/duroid 6006 laminate is available with a dielectric constant value of 6.15 and RT/ Duroid 6010LM laminate has a dielectric constant of 10.2.
RT/Duroid 6006/6010LM microwave laminates feature ease of fabrication and stability in use. They have tight dielectric constant and thickness control, low moisture absorption, and good thermal mechanical stability. RT/Duroid 6006/6010LM laminates are supplied clad both sides with 1/2 oz. to 2 oz./ft2 (18 to 70 mm) standard and reverse treated electrodeposited copper foil. Thick aluminum, brass, or copper plate on one side may be specified.
Standard tolerance dielectric thicknesses of 0.010”, 0.025”, 0.050”, 0.075”,and 0.100” (0.254, 0.635, 1.270, 1.905, 2.54 mm) are available. When ordering RT/Duroid 6006 and RT/Duroid 6010LM laminates, it is important to specify dielectric thickness and weight of copper foil required.
Main advantages
High dielectric constant can reduce circuit size.
Low loss, ideal for X-band applications
Strictly controlled thickness and dielectric constant tolerances are suitable for circuits requiring high repeatability.
Rogers 6006/6010 PCB typical applications
Save circuit space.
microstrip antenna
Satellite communication system
power amplifier
Aircraft collision avoidance system
Ground based radar early warning system

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