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Rigid flexible PCB demand plummeted; PCB Factory scattered layout.

Rigid flexible PCB demand plummeted; PCB Factory scattered layout.

In the past, the hot sales of Apple’s TWS wireless headphones led to the booming orders of rigid flexible PCB. However, under the interference of various negative factors, the demand for rigid flexible PCB dropped sharply, and the performance in 2020 declined by 26.2% compared with that in 2019. Various PCB factories have adjusted their product lines and terminal applications to eliminate the impact of the decline in demand for the process.
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IEK of ITRI pointed out that rigid flexible PCB is highly related to mobile phone lens, battery and wireless headset. Among them, Huawei’s ban, epidemic situation, compressed demand for smart phones and design change of Apple’s air pod are the biggest bad news for rigid flexible PCB in 2020. Huawei’s mobile phone sales are hindered, and global mobile phone demand is declining, which makes the synchronous shipment of lens module and battery board decrease. In addition, the design of SIP carrier board + flexible PCB is adopted in the air pod pro, which makes rigid flexible PCB the only negative growth product in the PCB process in 2020.
In addition, a lot of market news points out that in 2021, the battery board of Apple series new machines is expected to adopt soft board design, and the new TWS products will also maintain the design of SIP carrier board + soft board, so that the prospect of rigid flexible PCB has not yet seen the dawn.
The legal person pointed out that although the rigid flexible PCB products of Huatong (2313) will still face a transformation period, it is optimistic that the company will strive to diversify its layout and actively reduce the proportion of single customers or products In addition to the continuous supply of wireless earphones, mobile phone battery boards and non American lens modules for PCB, the production capacity will be filled by other applications. With the change of customer design, Huatong also ushers in the opportunity to cut into American consumer new products with flexible PCB.
Huatong once said that electronic products are becoming more and more thin and short, and even in the consideration of reducing costs, adopting the design of SIP carrier board + flexible PCB is really a good solution. The company has always produced flexible PCB, but the proportion is not high. The planning of cutting into new products with flexible PCB is also ongoing. It depends on customer demand to provide the most suitable solution, so we are optimistic about this year’s flexible PCB Ushering in new opportunities, rigid flexible PCB is also to maintain a healthy state of receiving orders.

At present, the planning of rigid flexible PCB of Yuhua (2367) has gradually entered into new products and is waiting for fermentation. American TWS wireless headphones and mobile phone battery boards continue to be in supply, but after all, they are old models with low prices. The company expects that the price of new products is relatively favorable, which will help to improve the growth rate and product mix of rigid flexible PCB after the launch of goods pulling.
Wang Hua said that although many products began to have design changes, the demand for rigid flexible PCB still exists. For example, the AR / VR products that American customers are constantly trying to import are functions into smart phones will still need to use rigid flexible PCB. The technology of mobile phone battery board is mature, and it is expected that more rigid flexible PCB will be used. Therefore, Jihua still has a positive outlook on the future of rigid flexible PCB. If the development of high-level products is not as expected, it can also adjust the production capacity to produce HDI any layer.
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